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About Coarsegold

History - During the 1849 California Gold Rush, men who were rushing to the great gold strike in California would stop overnight in a beautiful valley nestled on the banks of the Fresno River. The discovery of heavy, coarse, gold nuggets nearby led to naming the area Coarse Gold Gulch. In 1851, at the height of the gold rush, some estimates put Coarsegold's population at 10,000 people.

By 1866 the nuggets were dwindling, but by then Coarsegold was a major stop for travelers to the mountain area. When the wagon road to Yosemite Valley was completed in 1876, Yosemite's fame had spread worldwide and Coarsegold became an overnight stage stop for travelers.

Coarsegold Today - Over 100 years later, Coarsegold remains the "watering place" for travelers on the southern gateway to Yosemite, scenic Highway 41. Coarsegold remains a personable, charming town where visitors can find a warm welcome and experience the adventure of yesteryear.

The Coarsegold Chamber of Commerce is organized to promote the general welfare and prosperity of the area business community of Coarsegold, California, "Your Gateway To Yosemite"

Coarsegold is 35 miles north of Fresno, and 30 minutes from the southern entrance to Yosemite National Park on Highway 41.
Photos provided by the Coarsegold Historical Society